Cutro, vile writings after the anti-Ndrangheta demonstration. Occhiuto’s solidarity with the mayor


By John

«I spoke by telephone to the mayor of Cutro, Antonio Ceraso, to whom I expressed the sincere solidarity of the Calabria Region for the vile writings that appeared in Steccato di Cutro in the aftermath of the demonstration against the ‘Ndrangheta promoted last Saturday by the mayor himself». The Governor of Calabria stated this in a noteRoberto Occhiuto.

«The institutions – he adds – must be convincingly at the side of those who have the courage to rebel against organized crime, suffering unacceptable and deplorable intimidation for this reason. I asked the Minister of the Interior, Matteo Piantedosi, to ensure the closeness of the State to those who govern such complex territories, keeping their back straight despite the daily difficulties”.

«The mayor of Cutro, among other things – says Occhiuto – has already distinguished himself for his rectitude and great humanity on the occasion of the dramatic story of the shipwreck which on 26 February last year caused the death of 94 migrants».