David Coco is Paolo Borsellino in the “Big lie”: in Messina the show written and directed by Claudio Fava


By John

“The Big Lie” written and directed by Claudius Fava and played by David Coco will close the first part of the XII edition of Messina Festival Theater CourtyardIn the Courtyard of the Calapaj-D’Alcontres Palace (8.45 pm). The show already scheduled for August 7 will have a second repeat the following day, given that reservations for Monday were immediately sold out. It is a production of Nutrimenti Terrestri which will be in its second replica in Messina after its debut at the Tindari Festival. The program of the Cortile Teatro Festival will then continue inIris area with three other shows, including the return of Gaspare Balsamo with the brand new cuntu “Simposio” and “Vacanze Romane”, written and directed by Messina’s Nella Tirante.

As we read in the director’s notes, «The “big lie” is the theft of truth that the country has suffered on the death of Paolo Borsellinonow reduced to a tangle of lies, fake witnesses, amnesia, sly smiles, flawed trials, infinite silences and blatant, blatant lies».

«The text – the notes continue – does not stage the meticulous narration of the misdirection, because it does not want to be an operation of pedagogical theater of memory: it is above all an invective. And the protagonist is him, Borsellino: no longer told – as it has been done a hundred times – in agony and death, but in the resolved condition of someone who is no longer there. And he wants to summarize what happened, with the amused detachment of someone who is now beyond and elsewhere. A picaresque Borsellino, cheeky, angry, lucid, unpredictable, never sad. His invective is not aimed at mafias and mafia laborers, but at us. The good public of the living, the just, the grieving, the false penitents, the hopelessly distracted. The judge’s voice replaces the banality of evil with the banality of good, its obviousness, the comfortable refuge for those who invent heroes and heroisms so as not to notice that the truth is being squandered before his eyes. “In this country it is convenient for everyone to think that behind the mafia there is only the mafia. That the shadows are just spots of light. That after every night the day returns, and takes away the crooked thoughts, the suspicions, the silences … ”Borsellino will say, between the last lines, in an imaginary dialogue with us and with his daughter Fiammetta. Open ending, returned to the viewer: “And what do you say? Are we making these things enough? I am dead, but you are not. It’s up to you to decide. So, what do we do, put a stone on it?”».

The Festival will continue with three shows in the Iris Area in Ganzirri. On August 16 (21) he will return “Symposium”the brand new cunto of Gaspare Balsamo, which had inaugurated the Messina exhibition obtaining a great success. On August 17 there will be a space for the little ones, strongly desired by the artistic director Robert Zorn Bonaventure (“We had great requests,” he explains): “Upi very slowly” with Monica Alfieri (also director) e Manuela Boncaldo will be on stage at 7 pm. Finally, on August 18 (at 9 pm), conclusion with the long-awaited “Roman holidays”written and directed by In the Tie and played by Julia Eugeni And Matthew Berardinelli: cinema and the desire for peace are protagonists.

The Cortile Teatro Festival was born from an idea of Robert Zorn Bonaventure (who is the artistic director), Joseph Giamboi And Stephen Barbagallo. The Sancho Panza Castle organizes the Festival with the collaboration of the ‘A Cucchiara restaurant, the Iris multiplex and with the support of Lattitudes, the Sicilian dramaturgy network, and of Caronte-Tourist. Graphics by Riccardo Bonaventura. Reservation required on whatsapp number 3487967879.