Sicilian scout group lost in the Pollino park: recovered by the mountain rescue


By John

A group of scouts, coming from Syracuse and made up of 20 people, was rescued this morning by the Calabria Alpine and Speleological Rescue after, due to adverse weather conditions they had found themselves in difficulty losing their bearings in a very impervious area of the Argentino Valley in the Pollino National Park. They were following a route that from the Povera Mosca refuge would have taken them towards the Piano di Novacco. The alarm went off around 02:00 after activation by the 112 Operations Centre.

In order to obtain the position of the missing as soon as possible, the SMS Locator was activated, the geolocation system used by the Alpine Rescue which allows the identification of the missing with the sole answer to a special message sent directly to the mobile phone of the person involved. Once the coordinates have been obtained, technicians from the Pollino Alpine Station of the CNSAS Calabria they arrived on site and promptly reached the group found in good condition despite the tiredness. The scouts were subsequently transported with emergency vehicles to Campotenese, in the municipality of Morano Calabro.