De Luca (Libertà): “Serious defeat at the national level, now I'm taking a break to heal definitively”


By John

«Thanks to the 285 thousand voters and electricity workers who voted for Freedom. There is no doubt that on a national level we have recorded a great defeat also caused by the media blackout that was reserved for us. In the province of Messina we confirmed our primary position despite the obvious downturns of a heavily media-driven electoral campaign. In Sicily we have maintained a strategic position partly undermined by the power of the national parties.” Cateno De Luca, leader of the Freedom list on Facebook, writes it.
«I will now take a break for at least fifteen days because I have to definitively recover from the residues of the acute pneumonia that slowed down our electoral campaign and I have to detoxify myself from the psycho-physical stress that I have accumulated in this long period of electoral campaign – he adds – As I explain in my last book «Not everything happened!» In life you often fall but you differ from others in how you get back on track.”