Dear fuels, Urso: “Increases are the fault of OPEC, excise duties do not touch”. In Italy the highest taxes in Europe


By John

The increases in fuel prices are the fault of OPEC’s choices and the cut in excise duties is not feasible because those resources are used to finance government measures. This was stated in an interview with Repubblica and in an interview with Il Messaggero by the Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italy, Adolfo bear.

«Fuel prices have begun to rise since OPEC+, the cartel of Arab countries allied with Russia, began to cut production to drive up the prices per barrel. An increase that is unloaded on the consumer”, explains the minister, underlining that “in Italy we have the lowest industrial cost of petrol and diesel in Europe, much more than Germany, France and Spain». Urso claims the measures implemented by the government such as the exposure of the average price to the distributor.

Urso also clarifies that the government will not touch excise duties. “What the Draghi government has done will not be repeated.” Also because, he observes, “when Draghi decided on that measure, the price of petrol and diesel was around 2.20 euros per litre, much higher than the current one which remains below two euros”.

«Draghi – observes the minister – made that decision at an exceptional moment. The Meloni government has preferred to use those resources to cut the tax wedge, for lower wages and larger families. And we want to make these structural measures. In this way we can help families in difficulty struggling with inflation and to give a stimulus to the production system through consumption”.

Mimit, average diesel and petrol prices stable for three days

“The average prices of diesel and petrol recorded along the Italian road and motorway network have been stable for 3 days”: stated Mimit in a note. “In detail – it is explained – the average price of self-service diesel on the road network recorded a thousandth reduction between Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th August, going from 1.843 euros to 1.842 euros per liter (-1 thousandth of a euro), data repeated today too; the average price of self-service petrol on the Italian road network is instead unchanged from Wednesday 16th August, stable at 1.944 euros, also unchanged along the motorway network since Wednesday 16.