Tropea, the hidden drug at home and also in the owned restaurant. File the complaint


By John

The services of the State Police of crime monitoring on the territory for the fight against drug dealing and urban decay.

During a service aimed at combating drug trafficking in the hinterland of Tropea, staff of Mobile team he was born in fixed place in Tropea from the State Police have subjected a subject suspected of being addicted to drug dealing to a check.

Specifically, following a house search carried out at the home, as well as at a restaurant that the man ownsabout an ounce of was found marijuana, divided into doses for immediate retail sale or in vacuum-sealed bags, hidden in different rooms both in the home and in the commercial establishment. Also found was material for packaging and dividing the drug, such as a vacuum machine, envelopes of the same type as those that contained the substance and knives soaked in the drug, evidently used in the preparation of the drug. In addition, a 9 x 21 caliber pistol regularly held by the holder was also found, but poorly kept, thus failing to comply with the provisions imposed by law. The gun was confiscated.

The man, as a result of the investigations, was denounced to the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Vibo Valentia both for detention for drug dealing and for failure to custody of weapons.