Differentiated autonomy, in Paola associations and movements come together


By John

A clear appeal shared by associations, political movements and free citizens, who yesterday took part in the assembly organized at the headquarters of the CoLPo association against differentiated autonomy.
Linconreo was held between the Popular Liberation Committee “Mario Bruno” (Colpo), the ecclesial movement of cultural commitment (MEIC – Paola), Rete dei Beni Comuni I Ragazzi di Scarcelli -Fuscaldo, Anpi section of Paola “Natale Uva e Santo Cozzi”.
Numerous interventions highlighted the critical and dangerous aspects of the bill on differentiated autonomy.
The bill, which has already been examined by the Senate and awaits approval in the Chamber in a very short time, provides for the attribution of legislative autonomy to the Regions, making it possible for them to retain the tax revenue, which would no longer be distributed on a national basis depending on of collective needs.
Legislative autonomy will concern matters of fundamental importance, such as health, education, transport, social services, which are already lacking and extremely fragile in the Southern Regions.
It is a process, already begun with the reform of Title V, which has continued silently and uninterruptedly since 2001.
The one on differentiated autonomy is a bill that does not appear to us to correspond to the principles of our Constitution.
In fact, given an already notable gap in the level of services between regions of the North and regions of the South, it definitively breaks the principle of substantial equality. “It is for this reason – it is explained – that it is a civil duty to contest a provision that will generate profound disparities at an inter-regional level, splitting the country in two.
The bill also found support from the Presidency of the Calabria Region which gave the implementation of the Lep, “essential levels of performance”, as a guarantee for our Region.
This guarantee appears inadequate to us as the amount of these loans is not established by law on the basis of real needs, but decided by the Government on the basis of the historical expenditure of the Regions, thus ensuring funding to the Northern regions, as they have more resources and a higher historical expenditure, and less in those of the South, where there are fewer resources and therefore a lower historical expenditure.
In this way, the inequalities between the two poles of the country would be accentuated even further, further impoverishing lands torn apart by unemployment, exploitation, speculation and emigration.
Even at a local level, the municipal administration of Paola does not seem to us to have raised official voices in defense of what appear to us to be important principles of the Constitution”.
Therefore, it is highlighted that “in absolute silence what appears to be the final act of condemnation for our Region takes place.
The assembly anticipated the big demonstration announced for next Saturday 23 March in Cosenza, in Piazza Loreto.
From Paola, to say no to differentiated autonomy, those present launch an appeal which directly refers to the one already signed in recent days by around 100 associations and movements from across the province and invites everyone to participate in the demonstration on 23 March. Differentiated autonomy is bad for Calabria.”