Differentiated autonomy, M5S: “Political schizophrenia on the part of the Calabrian deputies of Forza Italia”


By John

“The Calabrian deputies of Forza Italia Francesco Cannizzaro, Giuseppe Mangialavori And Giovanni Arruzzolo they did not vote for differentiated autonomy, receiving the applause of the Governor of Calabria, Roberto Occhiuto, who, after having supported the reform from day one, now distances himself from it, ignoring it. Their attitude, combined with that of the rest of the parliamentarians of the League and Brothers of Italy, is nothing short of schizophrenic and hypocritical, which will end up having a negative impact on the quality of life of the Calabrians, victims of a blatant betrayal.”

This is what the parliamentarians of the 5 Star Movement denounce in a note Riccardo Tucci, Anna Laura Orrico, Elisa Scutellà And Vittoria Baldino.

“To add a little more ridicule to the story – continue the 5 stars – it seems that the aforementioned Forzista deputies were not even present in the chamber at the time of the vote. Therefore, more than a protest vote, theirs seems to have been a strategic absence. It goes without saying that if they really wanted to protect the Calabrians, they should have at least shown up in the chamber to declare their vote against the law, which did not happen”.

The position of the national deputy secretary of Forza Italia and Calabrian governor Roberto Occhiuto, whose brother, Mario, just a few months ago in the Senate declared himself in favor of the law with the exact same text brought this morning, is a theater of the absurd – the Five Star Movement members continue. in the classroom, earning, at the time, the exaggerated praise of his family member. Today that same text is disavowed by Roberto Occhiuto. An evident form of political bipolarism appears clear to most. The Calabrians, with this reform, will be able to say goodbye to hospitals, schools, infrastructures and so on. Ultimately, as the poet sings, no matter how much they try to believe they are absolved, they are still involved”, conclude Tucci, Orrico, Scutellà and Baldino.