Arabia, India, Brazil, South Africa do not sign the peace summit statement for Kiev


By John

The peace summit in Ukraine, which brought together some 60 world leaders and representatives of some 80 governments, concluded with a joint statement calling for the safety of nuclear and maritime transit, even if 12 leading developing world countries and Russia’s partners in some forums refused to sign the document.
Between these, Brazil, India and South Africa – which together with Russia and China are part of the group of emerging economies known as BRICS – and Mexico. Armenia, Bahrain, Indonesia, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates did not join the final declaration, while 84 countries signed the document, including the European Union countries, the United States, Japan, Argentina , Chile and Ecuador.

Final statement, “respect integrity of Kiev”

Dozens of countries attending the peace summit on Ukraine, held in Switzerland, said on Sunday that Kiev’s “territorial integrity” should be respected and that “dialogue between all parties” would be necessary to find a lasting solution. « We believe that achieving peace requires involvement and dialogue between all parties”, we read in a final statement, supported by the vast majority of the over 90 countries that participated in the document and also reaffirmed the commitment to “. territorial integrity of all states, including Ukraine.”

More than 90 countries gathered in the Swiss town of Burgenstock for the summit, dedicated to discussing Kiev’s proposals for a way out of the conflict. Moscow was not invited and rejected the summit, calling it “absurd” and useless. Kiev had worked hard to secure the participation of countries that maintain warm relations with Russia.
The final document also calls for the release of all prisoners of war in a “full exchange” and the return to Ukraine of all Ukrainian children who had been “illegally deported and displaced.” Kiev accuses Russia of having kidnapped nearly 20,000 children from areas in the east and south of the country that its forces have taken control of.

The summit working groups also addressed the issues of global food security and nuclear safety. The statement said that “food security must not be weaponized in any way,” adding that access to Black Sea and Sea of ​​Azov ports is “critical” for global food supplies.
The countries also called for Ukraine to have “full sovereign control” over the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. Located in southern Ukraine, the plant is Europe’s largest nuclear power site and has been controlled by Russian forces since the start of the war.