Drugs and weapons in a popular condominium on the outskirts of Cosenza


By John

During services – arranged by the Police Commissioner of the Province of Cosenza and coordinated by the Spanish Prosecutor – aimed at combating drug trafficking, a young man was arrested by the Flying Squad as he was found in possession of 837 grams of hashish.

In a suburban neighborhood of Cosenza, the police, together with the dog unit of the Vibo Valentia Police Headquarters and the drug-sniffing dog “Digos”, entered a public housing condominium in which the drug-sniffing dog was insistently targeting a cellar. Once they entered the storage room, the search revealed the narcotic substance divided into blocks, as well as an electronic scale and a knife used to cut the drugs.

A further search in the attic of a condominium in the same area allowed the police to find, again thanks to the scent of the police dog “Digos”, numerous weapons and ammunition, in perfect condition, and in particular: a pistol, three rifles and a carbine (of which one stolen weapon and others with abraded serial number) and over 450 cartridges of various types and calibers and a bulletproof vest. Concealed together with the weapons, it was also there heroinfor a total weight of 223 grams.