The League groups thunder in Messina: “There is still no presidential office of the City Council”


By John

The League groups in Messina, after the summer break, return to make themselves heard. “An abandoned and paralyzed city, proof of which is that one year after the administrative elections, the city lacks a presidential office of the City Council, necessary for the overall management of the top policy and control body”, we read in a note. “But the serious fact, for an administration that flaunts respect for the rules and regulations, is the naturalness that is attributed to this anomaly which renders the guarantee body par excellence which was not established according to the statutory provisions incomplete and inoperative. and regulations. Upon taking office, President De Luca was elected by majority vote, together with his deputy Sebastiano Pergolizzi. Subsequently, after De Luca’s resignation, the same now weakened majority was unable to elect a president legitimately, and illegitimately did not proclaim the election of the vice president indicated by the opposition by suspending the session. The behavior of a self-proclaimed president illegitimately elected and without a majority, who among other things did not proceed with the legitimate proclamation of a vice president regularly voted by the opposition political forces, being able to configure among other things the case referred to in art. 323 of the criminal code, should perform a single act of responsibility to re-establish the institutional balance, in relation to the principles of transparency and impartiality of the public administration: resign. Due to the poor exercise of this function, the same has compromised the principle of neutrality of the role according to which it could even be revoked. Unfortunately, due to these behaviors, months later, despite the vain attempt to set up the aforementioned office through two subsequent votes, the hoped-for epilogue was not reached and Messina is the only metropolitan city that has not managed to elect within the office of the presidency to its municipal council. The political data that emerges is worrying as it highlights the precariousness of an administration which, while flaunting the principles of respect for the rules, puts the logic of power and personal interests before the application of the statute, the regulations of the city council and the regulations in force”.