Elections in Calabria, Occhiuto: “The outcome of the ballots is local, positive test from Europeans”


By John

«Runoffs have always been local elections that give citizens the opportunity to choose the candidates they consider most useful for the good governance of their cities. The elections that constituted a test for the national government and also for my regional government are the European elections. I had asked the Calabrians to vote in the European elections also thinking about the regional government. And the Calabrians have made my party the second in Calabria, only two points behind the Brothers of Italy.” The president of the Calabria Region said it Roberto Occhiuto in relation to the outcome of yesterday’s double administrative round which in Calabria involved the municipality of Vibo Valentia, the only provincial capital that went to the centre-left. «On this occasion – added Occhiuto – I extend my best wishes to all the mayors elected both in the first round and in the run-off. I govern this region and therefore I need mayors who, in their activities of governing the territory, are committed to making progress in a beautiful region like Calabria.”