Elections in Corigliano Rossano, Calenda’s party risks being left out of the game


By John

There will be a third pole who will show up at spring elections for the election of the new municipal council and the mayor of the city of Corigliano Rossano? Many political observers ask themselves this when they note, with just a few months to go until the election, that Calenda’s party is still at a standstill as regards its membership of one of the two main political alignments, the centre-right and the centre-left. .
In the Action house, which at a local level represents the largest council group present in the Ausonian-Byzantine municipal council, the type of positioning of the party as a third pole is categorically excluded, not believing that the conditions and times exist to be able to repeat the same position taken at national level.
This means that the party will continue to remain isolated with the possibility of leaving the field open to the other two sides. But which body will decide the party’s line at a local level if several sectors within the center political force do not recognize the role and authority of the still standing board? For this reason, it would seem that the current local leaders, faced with the denial of the role of the board of directors, would ask for the convening of the local congress for the election of the new body.