Reggio, kicks his cousin and tries to set him on fire: a 78-year-old arrested


By John

In recent days, the staff of the police headquarters in Reggio Calabria have arrestedfor the crime of attempted murdera 78 year old from Reggio Calabria who, for trivial reasons, attempted to set fire to his cousin. State Police officers intervened following a request for help made to 113 in the operations room they stopped the man after he had kicked his cousin, who was on the ground, covered in flammable liquid.

The victim declared to the Flying Police personnel that his cousin, following an argument for trivial reasons, he had attacked him and poured flammable liquid on him from a bin and then failed to set it on fire, despite trying to use a kitchen lighter. The victim also stated that in an attempt to escape he fell to the ground and screamed to attract the attention of the neighbors, but was kicked by his attacker. The intervention of the victim’s brother, initially, and immediately after that of the state police prevented the man from carrying out his criminal intent. The judicial authority validated the arrest for attempted murder carried out by the Volantes and ordered that the man be placed under home detention with the application of an electronic bracelet.