Messina, the speech of Senator Nino Germanà: «Airport and Bridge, this is how the Strait will take off»


By John

«The construction of the Bridge over the Strait, the relaunch of the “Tito Minniti”, the start of dozens of construction sites in Sicily and Calabria are the right premise to try to rethink the Reggio Calabria airport as an integral part of a logistics system which looks at a pool of millions of users.” The senator of the League states this, Nino Germanà. «I have always said that the Bridge is a development accelerator, an investment attractor and we must raise the bar of the challenges we face. A new vision of the Calabrian airport, at the center of an intermodal connection system, will guarantee the right to mobility of thousands of Sicilians, will make the birth of the Strait Metropolitan Area increasingly concrete, but above all will trigger growth mechanisms that are currently unimaginable for the businesses, services, tourism, goods traffic, for the entire economy. Already in recent weeks, with the arrival of Ryanair in Reggio Calabria and the introduction of new national and international routes, users of Messina have returned to what we can define as the “natural airport”. But we must be even more ambitious and go beyond upgrading, re-imagining the airport in light of what will be a new structure with the Strait Bridge and which will make the “Tito Minniti” increasingly strategic.”