Elections in Vibo, the streets of the center are… endless. Ready to leave, but the engine stalls


By John

It should represent the alternative to the bipolarism that has been consolidated for decades but it is turning into a battlefield that is difficult to manage even for true professionals in pre-election negotiations. Among many caged lions and some professionals still confused about what to do, the centre, or rather, the civic hub, is showing its first undeniable difficulties in getting out of the impasse of a document still to be signed.
And even when the circle seemed closed, a note with the names and surnames of the main actors had already been circulating a few afternoons ago, something suddenly broke. From that moment on, a toy that seemed to work well enough risks being irreparably damaged. So much so that yesterday a lot was called into question by one of the members of the table. Which? Precisely Social Humanism, the reference association of the former head of Neurology at Jazzolino Domenico Consoli which for a long time, in recent months, has unsuccessfully dialogued with the centre-left, breaking first with the Democratic Party and then with M5S and Liberamente Progressisti.