Endless crisis, Crotone falls again: Monterosi wins three points: 1-0


By John


MARKERS: 46' Eusepi,

MONTEROSI TUSCIA (3-5-2): Strong 7; Mbende 6.5, Gavioli 6 (6'st Frediani 6.5), Sini 6.5; Pegs 6.5; Gori 6.5, Parlati 6.5, Scarsella 6.5 (41'st Verde sv), Bittante 6.5; Eusepi 7, Compartment 6 (41'pt Rossi 7). All. Scazzola 7

CROTONE (4-2-3-1): Valentini 5.5; Rispoli 5 (1'st Leo 5.5), Battistini 5, Loiacono 5.5, Giron 5.5 (17'st Crialese 5.5); Zanellato 5.5, Vitale 5(1st Felippe 5.5); Tribuzzi 5 (28'st Bruzzaniti 5.5), Gomez 5.5, D'Ursi 5.5; Tumminello 5 (17'st Comi 5). All Baldini 5

REFEREE: Grasso by Ariano Irpino 6

NOTE: Booked: Gori, Vano, Sini, Mbende, Gomez,

Angles: 6-9

Recoveries: 3' pt, 5'st

It is a profound crisis for Crotone who, despite the change of technical leadership and the club's stance, not only have not improved their season but actually seem to be going downhill.
Fifth match with Mr. Baldini on the bench, with a record of 4 defeats and only one victory, in Messina. So many poor figures for the Pythagoreans who seem to have lost their way. This is how the Calabrians also fell in Teramo, at the “home” of Monterosi who took the lead in injury time of the first half, thanks to Eusepi's goal. Despite all the second half to recover, the Pythagoreans can't even equalize against the penultimate team in the class.