European elections, Cateno De Luca is running with South calls North. Door closed in Calenda


By John

South calls North will run in the European electionswith Cateno De Luca candidate and a ready-made symbol, or almost. A circle within which the writing Freedom and the symbol of South calls North already stand out and there is space for five other symbols, empty for the moment. But there is a road map already established and launched by De Luca from the Taormina stage of the Palacongressi, for the first national assembly of ScN: by 6 April the symbol will be completed, from now until that day one press conference will be held per week, every Thursday at the Chamber of Deputies, to welcome those who respond to the appeal of the mayor of Taormina and former mayor of Messina. “This is a definitive appeal to all the civic movements and political forces that today are in difficulty with the collection of 180,000 signatures,” said De Luca, who definitively closed the doors to Azione and Carlo Calenda. The race together with other forces was voted by 72% of party members, through a survey that recalls the votes of the 5 Star Movement on the Rousseau platform (the party from which the president of ScN, Laura Castelli, comes). A vote with a fairly obvious outcome, which therefore officially opens yet another electoral campaign for Cateno De Luca. With a clear slogan: less Europe, more equity. Who will be the allies? There are many hypotheses and they cover the entire constitutional arc, from the patriot Gianni Alemanno to the communist Marco Rizzo, all together passionately under the sovereignist flag. Rumors, whose reliability will be revealed between now and April 6th.