European elections, Elly Schlein's tour in Calabria: she will also be in Corigliano Rossano and Reggio


By John

After personally launching Enzo Romeo's candidacy for mayor of Vibo Valentia, Elly Schlein returns to Calabria on Monday 27 May for the European election campaign. The senator announced this in a note Nicola Irto, secretary of the Calabrian Democratic Party, who underlines the stakes in the elections for the renewal of the European Parliament. «It is mandatory to go and vote, because the choice – states Irto – will be between the Europe of people, solidarity, rights, equality and democratic participation on the one hand, and on the other the Europe of nationalism, of the rich and decisions imposed from above. With Elly Schlein, we are carrying out a political project in the territories that aims to put the human person back at the center of public attention; starting from Europe, called to face great challenges in the international scenario, which is today very complex and at the same time worrying. With differentiated autonomy, the center-right wants to detach Calabria from Europe, but we don't want to allow it.”

The Democratic Party secretary's day in Calabria includes: at 11 am, in Lamezia Terme, a private meeting at the Progetto Sud Community, led by Don Giacomo Panizza; at 12.15 pm, in Catanzaro, a visit to the Calabrian Solidarity Center, in via Abruzzi at number 38; at 3 pm, at Corigliano-Rossano, a meeting at the San Marco cinema, in via Aldo Moro near the Rossano airport. In the evening, however, Elly Schlein will conclude her electoral tour in Reggio Calabria, with a rally in Piazza Camagna at 7.30 pm.