FAPI presents “South – The capital that serves” by Carlo Borgomeo in Cerchiara


By John

Telling a new Southwhich is the true South, rich in human and social capital, indispensable for a future that finds an active and concrete protagonist in the Third Sector.

This is the leitmotif of the event organized and promoted by FAPI (Autonomous Federation of Small Businesses) in collaboration with Medical Center Onlus – Social Cooperative Society, which will take place on Friday 29 September, at 11.00 am, in the Conference Room of the Hotel Villa Santa Maria, located on State Road 92 in Cerchiara di Calabria.

The beating heart and focus of the important event will be the presentation of the essay “South – The capital you need” (Ed. Small Library for a Normal Country), work Carlo Borgomeoexpert in local development and entrepreneurship promotion policies, former president of Foundation with the South and of the social enterprise Con i Bambini, since 2014 President of Gesac, the management company of the Naples Capodichino International Airport.

They will speak during the event Gino SciottoPresident of FAPI, Angela De AngelisPresident Medical Center – Social Cooperative, Ranieri FilippelliSpokesperson Third Sector Forum – Pollino Ionian Area, Nicola PaldinoPresident of BCC Medio Crati, Rinaldo Chidichimo, President of the Chidichimo Trust and advisor to the Terzo Pilastro Foundation. They will participate via video link Francesco CastielloSenator of the Republic and Luciano Ciocchetti, Deputy and Vice President of the Social Affairs Commission of the Chamber of Deputies. They will close the works Carlo Borgomeo And Monsignor Francesco SavinoBishop of Cassano allo Ionio and Vice President of CEI – Southern Area.

<<The essay of Carlo Borgomeofirmly in love with “his South” – he has declared Gino Sciotto, FAPI president, who is deux ex machina of the eventplaces emphasis on the valorisation of the passions, energies and skills of the social and human capital inherent and present in the various realities of Southern Italy. Thanks to his forty years of experience, Borgomeo suggests, with delicacy but determination, what is the valid and viable path for the self-sustainable development of the South, the good use of financial resources, which are not lacking, to research, encourage and develop all those endogenous conditions rooted in the varied southern realities in order to consolidate, relaunch and support the various realities belonging to the Third Sector. A development model – continues President Sciotto – which therefore aims to adequately support and valorise the extraordinary work of voluntary associations and social enterprises, and start analysis and seeding work to highlight the potential present where these are absent forms of aggregation and enterprise. I thank Carlo Borgomeo for the stimulus for reflection offered with his testimony, which pushed us, in collaboration with Angela De Angelis, President of the Medical Center onlus, to promote the event on 29 September, convinced, we too, that the application of the principle of the common good for the development of our beautiful southern realities can find concrete realization if, to quote President Borgomeo, development is implemented not “for the South” but “with the South”>>.

There FAPI is an employers’ association that operates at a national level to defend the rights and interests of employers in crafts and commerce, agriculture, tourism, services and pensioners. Established on 14 February 2001 on the initiative of various entrepreneurs’ associations who met with the aim of associating themselves in a single organization of small entrepreneurs and self-employed workers from the various economic-productive sectors. FAPI has monitored the changes in Italian society, dealing with very relevant social phenomena such as the growth of the elderly population, the emergence of new poverty and marginalization, the increase in immigration, the change in the labor market, territorial imbalances and problems that these phenomena bring with them.
The FAPI project was created to support small businesses which, despite being the main driver of economic and productive development in Italy, are subjected to choices directed in favor of large economic-financial groups.

The moment of reflection, dedicated to themes particularly contemporary to the dynamics linked to the social fabric of the southern territory, which range from the role of the third sector in the growth of the South, to the valorisation and identification of social and human capitals, therefore becomes an unmissable opportunity to write the prologue of a new social and shared history, capable of giving back to the South and to the world of associations the leading role that belongs to it.