Farewell to the barber Pasquale Squadrito, his salon a reference point for many


By John

This morning he had been, like every Sunday, in Gualtieri Sicaminò to meet his old friends and exchange a few jokes. From politics to football, passing through the events of the town, that “little village” that gave him birth and which he loved so much that he built a little house where he could spend the weekends (which for him, a barber by profession, were Sunday and Monday).
In the afternoon, as soon as he returned to Messina, the city where he had lived with his family for some time, tragedy struck. Pasquale Squadrito, 75 years old, died suddenly. A fatal heart attack that made every rescue attempt futile. He leaves an unbridgeable void not only among his dearest loved ones, but also among the many friends who truly loved him. In Messina and Gualtieri.
His salon was a reference for everyone. He shaved and cut the hair of entire generations, because from father to son it was almost an obligation to “go to Pasquale”. And we talked about football, about ACR Messina, his great passion, already at the time of Massimino and the legendary Franco Scoglio. Then, when his friend Pietro Sciotto approached Acr to take it over in 2017, Squadrito was his “consultant” and played a decisive role in the acquisition of the club to save Messina football from bankruptcy.
In Gualtieri Sicaminò, however, had been a municipal councilor in the 1990s, engaging in the tourism sector and at the end of this experience he assumed the leadership of the celebrations committee in honor of the Patron Saint San Nicolò, ensuring – with great sacrifices, including economic ones, supported however by enthusiasm and love for his country – , that the August anniversary would become an event known nationally above all for the magnificent fireworks displays. In the past he had also been nominated Knight. Mayor Gino Sciotto, who met him yesterday morning, announced that city mourning will be proclaimed on the day of his funeral.