Lamezia, the CISL proposal: worker participation in the life and management of companies. And Occhiuto agrees


By John

«The participation of workers in the life and management of companies is the institutional reform that our country needs. The real challenge to raise wages and productivity, combat relocations, qualify and support virtuous companies that apply contracts, invest in innovation and new technologies and develop participatory models that give delegates even more incisive powers of control over safety and security protection of health in the workplace and an active role in the decisions and organization of the company”. The general secretary of the CISL said it, Luigi Barraspeaking in Lamezia Terme at an initiative to collect signatures for a popular initiative law on worker participation in the management of companies.

“Today, more than ever – added Sbarra – the implementation of article 46 of the Constitution is not just an ideal to aim for, but a pressing necessity. And to which to give support through a law that enhances the negotiating role of the social partners Participation cannot be imposed: it must be a conscious and tailor-made choice, because no company is the same as another. It is up to free negotiation between the parties to identify the best solution, without placing limits on what, through dialogue and experience, can be implemented in the future. The meaning of the CISL popular initiative law proposal lies in these guidelines. And for this reason we are and will be mobilizing throughout the national territory until December to gather support and communicate the contents of our innovative proposal to workers, pensioners and citizens. Our campaign aims to give full prominence to work, giving people the opportunity to impact their own future, that of their company and their territory.”

«If there is an area of ​​the country that must bet on the protagonism of working people – the CISL secretary continued – it is the South and Calabria, where there is no shortage of far-sighted companies that focus on constructive and participatory industrial relations. But we need to unlock public investments, especially in infrastructure and ensure good quality of spending to give Southern Italy continental prominence in growth processes. The South must transform itself into a Euro-Mediterranean energy, commercial and industrial hub. This is the great challenge.”

Occhiuto, ‘I am in favor of the reform proposed by the CISL’

«I am in favor of the CISL proposal to guarantee worker representation on company boards of directors». The president of the Calabria Region said it, Roberto Occhiuto, speaking to journalists in Lamezia Terme on the sidelines of the conference during which the general secretary of the CISL, Luigi Sbarra, illustrated the union’s popular initiative law proposal on worker participation in the management of companies. “The contribution of the Calabria Region to this CISL proposal – added Occhiuto – is that of those who know that development and work problems are faced together with trade union forces and business organisations. I have verified in these almost two years of regional government that the trade union organisations, and the CISL in particular, have great ability to collaborate on the development paths that have been activated, without having a purely corporate approach in this sense. I am very happy, among other things, that they have already established a pact with the employers’ organisations. This is good news especially for those who, like me, have the responsibility of governing a region like Calabria.”