Favelloni, party and good food at the swordfish festival. Don Campennì: “The community has put its heart into it”


By John

Thousands of visitors to Favelloni for the 5th edition of the swordfish festival. The event, which has now become one of the most important events in the panorama of festivals in the province of I livegathered in Piazza Scalabrini and in the main streets of the village of murals many visitors including tourists, emigrants and people who arrived from all over the province and beyond.

Good food (strictly fresh swordfish from the Tyrrhenian Sea and many other specialties), music, shows, games to brighten up a really pleasant evening. The festival this year, however, has obtained important awards thanks to the patronage of the Regional Council of Calabria, the Province of Vibo, the Gal Terre Vibonesi. The evening was attended, among others, by the regional councilor for Productive Activities, Rosario Variand the regional councilor Michael Comito. Both underlined the importance of the event promoted and organized by the San Giovanni Paolo II oratory headed Fr Andrea Campenni and a group of young and old who worked painstakingly and meticulously with passion and tenacity.

The mayor is thrilled Francis Mazzeo who praised the community for its efforts. The young parish priest was tired but satisfied: “Thanks so much to this small community that has put its heart into it. We started from this event five years ago. We work for young people, to give them a future in this area”.

In the video, the interviews with Comito, Varì, Mazzeo and don Campennì.