Finds in Cosenza, the “Giuliani” foundation ready for dialogue


By John

The collection of…discord. Roberto Bilotti Ruggi D'Aragona would like to donate to the city – as has already happened in the past with countless works exhibited in the open-air museum – a collection of artefacts from various eras owned by his family. These are vases, amphorae and other objects of undoubted historical-archaeological value kept in his home in Rome.
The patron's offer has not yet received a formal response. Or rather: Bilotti was told that the collection would be “out of context” in the Bretti and Enotri Museum. Furthermore, he was informed by the Municipality to make a formal request for the Authority to “evaluate” the proposal.
The collector appeared annoyed enough to have written to our newspaper: «It's not the first time that Cosenza misses out on unrepeatable opportunities. In 2005, in Sant'Agostino with the exhibition “Works from the Carlo Bilotti collection from Picasso to Warhol” we exhibited, among other things, works by Picasso, Chagall, Dalì, de Chirico, Dubuffet, Fontana, Severini, de Kooning, Leger, Mirò, Tapies, Warhol, which my uncle would have liked to leave to the city but he couldn't find a place to place them. Even then it was said that there was not enough space in the municipal buildings. Even in Rome the Orangery of Villa Borghese was occupied by the urban planning department but the awareness of its importance and the desire to enrich the capital led to the finding of a solution.”

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