In England, the father and mother give up their 3-month-old daughter for adoption: “She is not suitable for us”


By John

Work above all else. Work first, then everything else. This is what emerges from a singular story that comes from the United Kingdom. They recently became parents, just three months ago. But they chose to give their little girl up for adoption: the choice made by this couple of English parents who decided to remain anonymous was harshly criticized by the child's maternal grandmother who decided to take care of her and keep her with her.

Mum and dad motivated the choice: they are very focused on work and don't have time to look after her. “I can imagine life without my daughter – the man declared on Reddit – but not without my wife. Keeping the little one could destroy our relationship. I think this is the best solution for everyone”, said the man.

Reddit users were divided upon reading the father's announcement, between those who support the couple for having had the courage to admit their limits and those who instead condemn the extreme gesture.