Fiorita: “Higher salaries for those who teach in the North? Those in the South deserve the increase”


By John

“If there are teachers who deserve a higher salary are those who teach in Calabria, in Campania, in Puglia, in Sicily, in Basilicata. They are the teacher-heroes who struggle every day in difficult conditions, in difficult social contexts, in inadequate school buildings, to carry out their educational mission.”

This was stated by the mayor of Catanzaro Nicola Fiorita. «It is the teachers – he continues – who have to reach inaccessible locations, who every day get on third world commuter trains, who even risk their safety in the most dangerous areas. Who challenge obstacles, prejudices, hostility to bring children and young people back to a life of studies and legality.”

«The League’s proposal to increase the salaries of teachers from the north – says Fiorita – is a serious offense for the entire Calabrian school world and cannot be justified in any way. The parliamentarians of the South, of any party and of any alignment, do not limit themselves to being indignant, but present an agenda in Parliament that asks for higher salaries for all Italian teachers and, if anything, economic incentives for those who teach in the most difficult areas of the country ».