Formula 1 in Mexico: Verstappen wins again, Leclerc third


By John

The front row of the Ferraris had given hope, even to the Italian tuffs, that the Mexican Grand Prix could give the Ferrari a victory, the second of the season after the one in Singapore. But Max Verstappen still wins, or rather win big, leading the race from start to finish. With this success the Dutchman equaled Alain Prost’s record of 51 victories in Formula 1. From the start the Red Bulls immediately made it clear that the gap with all the other teams was abysmal and that there was no competition: time to take the first straight after the green light that Verstappen passes first Carlos Sainz and immediately after Jacques Leclerc on the right braking.

Sergio Perez also tries: the second Red Bull driver approaches the Monegasque on the left who is sandwiched between the two opposing cars. The Ferrari driver doesn’t give up and comes into contact with Perez who goes wide and starts again from last position. But after two laps the second Red Bull was forced to retire. Up front Verstappen extends and the battle between the Ferraris and McLarens heats up: Lewis Hamilton pushes, sets a few fast laps and gets in the wake of the reds. Sainz is in front of him but the Spaniard is a very tough nut to crack. He goes around changing tires in the pits. The Englishman tries to surprise the Ferraris by anticipating the stop. A tactic that will ultimately prove decisive. Halfway through the race, a very bad accident for Kevin Magnussen: the Danish Haas driver loses control of the car and crashes at high speed into the protective barriers, fortunately emerging unhurt. Red flag and race stopped. Entry of the safety car on lap 34 which risks putting all the balances back into play. We wait a long time for the protective barriers to be re-established, while the teams take the opportunity to review the set-ups of the single-seaters. Leclerc changes the wing which was damaged during the first lap due to contact with Perez’s Red Bull. New start with Hamilton who, being able to take advantage of the soft tyres, sets off in pursuit of the Ferrari. The British champion overtakes Leclerc and takes second position. Ferrari focuses on the greater grip of the harder tires but the British driver manages to manage the tires and takes second place, even setting the fastest lap in the last lap. Race in itself for Verstappen, while Lando Norris, who started in the last row with McLaren, achieved an incredible fifth place in a comeback.