Messina, “richer” tokens in the Constituencies? The possible turning point by the end of the year


By John

If politics is service and that service must be recognized and paid for, the principle must apply to everyone. Starting from the first link in the “chain”, the district councillors. This, in short, is the concept that is animating both the – heated – comparisons between them district councillors, who could not stomach the exclusion from increases in attendance fees which affected practically everyone (from the mayor to the councilors to individual city councilors) except them; both the action carried out, first quietly and behind the scenes, now in broad daylight, by a city councillor, Giovanni Caruso. Who essentially became a “spokesperson” for the discomfort of the Municipalities, through direct dialogue with the lawregional councilor for local authorities, Andrea Messina,
Caruso announced it during the session in which the city council approved the doubling of its tokens: «Although someone defined it as inconvenient – ​​he said on that occasion –, this resolution is not at all inconvenient; here it is about quality, energy, dedication and time made available to citizens with a 360-degree work which then leads to the production of important acts. I took it upon myself to start a dialogue with the regional department so that in a short time, through a clear rule, the same right is recognized for district councilors».