Forza Italia Reggio, “Falcomatà fails to complete 30 meters of bridge at Calopinace and shifts attention to Gallico-Gambarie”


By John

A 30 meter long bridge: these are the meters needed to connect the heart of the city to the first suburbs, between the Waterfront and the South Linear Park. Yet, these 30 meters seem unattainable for an Administration that never manages to manage any problem, any hitch. Inexplicable delays due, twice, to errors in measurement of the driveway structure.

“It’s the theater of the absurd” – they commentor Forza Italia councilors in the city council Federico Milia, Antonino Maiolino and Roberto Vizzari“We are faced with one of the example works among the unfinished dthis Amunicipal administration. It is an offense to the city, to the citizens, who since 31 July 2020, the day on which the Mayor announced with great fanfare the start of the works, have been waiting for the connection of two wings of the city via a small bridge of a few meters, which was supposed to be completed in just 120 days”.

The communication strategy studied by the Mayor’s staff is worthy of the mediocrity of the work in these 10 years of mandate: it is clear that the Mayor is trying, through social media and press releases, to shift the attention of citizens from the real problems: a motion of no confidence waiting to be discussed and voted on, an abandoned city, unfinished works everywhere, a fragmented majority, which no longer follows the same pace as its Mayor” the councilors continue in the note.

“In this unstable situation, it was natural that the Mayor took action, activating his staff to try to save what could be saved. The result, alas, is tragicomic: 10 years of humiliations suffered by the city cannot be erased by some content on social media, in which a clumsy attempt is made to distract the people of Reggio, who now know the events of the city, simply because the wicked choices made by this Administration in 10 years they have had repercussions on the entire social fabric of the city” denounces the council group.

“The video released yesterday, on the continuation of the Gallico-Gambarie works, is the most striking example of this communication strategy, disrespectful not only towards the city, but also towards the centre-right, of the tireless work of the Hon. Francesco Cannizzaro and towards those who have fought in recent years to make this work possible” conclude the councilors.