The Calabrese councilor alongside the workers of the port of Gioia Tauro and the mayors of the Piana: “The European directive will create an economic and social collapse”


By John

“Calabria cannot afford the luxury of losing further thousands of jobs. In an already worrying situation from the point of view of employment levels, the European community directive (European emission trading scheme), which requires the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels, risks cause irreparable damage to the whole of Calabria”. This was stated by the councilor for work Giovanni Calabrese who, worried about the future of thousands of jobs, speaks of “a directive on emissions which will penalize European transshipment ports and the port area of ​​Gioia Tauro will risk collapse”.

“For years – adds the Councilor for Labor – we have been talking about the port of Gioia Tauro as an international port reference for the entire Mediterranean and for which important investments were being planned with the aim of significantly increasing employment but which, today , risk suffering a phase of arrest, with irreparable damage to the Calabrian economy and social hardship that would lead many families to find themselves without work. The European directive EU 2023/959 ETS maritime transport, with evident foresight, was opposed with a vote against by the European parliamentarians of the Brothers of Italy, who today thanks to the political action carried out by the Calabrian MEP Denis Nesci could see a possibility of reopening a discussion in the meeting of the Council of European Environment Ministers scheduled for 16 October, at which we hope for a determined intervention to block and review this directive. In my capacity as Councilor for Labor of the Calabria Region – he announces – I will be present at the event, which will also be attended by President Roberto Occhiuto, called by the mayors of the Piana, hoping for the presence of all the mayors of Locride and the metropolitan city and other areas of the Calabria, because the downsizing and therefore blocking the port development path would be detrimental to the whole of Calabria”, underlines Calabrese.