From Cassano to Crotone a stage of the very prestigious Adriatica Ionica Race 2023. In Calabria Argentin and Martinello


By John

The Adriatic Ionian Race 2023 was presented this week. Third and final stage in Calabria: from Cassano all’Ionio to Crotone (193.6 km).

The race will take place from 22 to 24 September, in three stages between Abruzzo, Puglia and Calabria, with a new location on the calendar and with renewed momentum. The three-day event organized by Moreno Argentin’s ASD Sportunion was presented during the week at the Sports Museum at the Domitian Stadium in Piazza Navona (Rome), the first example of a Greek-Roman masonry stadium reserved for athletic competitions.
Together with Moreno Argentin were present the Minister of Tourism Sen. Daniela Garnero Santanché, the CEO of Enit Ivana Jelinic and representatives of the Regions (Abruzzo, Puglia, Calabria) and Municipalities (Corropoli, Trasacco, Conversano, Castellaneta, Cassano allo Ionio and Crotone) affected by the race and Davide Cassani.
The jerseys of the leaders of the race were also presented: Blue (classification leader), Green (GPM), Red (points), White (youth), in addition to the Orange jersey which rewards the most combative.

The three stages and the final arrival in Calabria

STAGE 1 – ABRUZZO | Corropoli (Te) – Trasacco (Aq)
Among the golden mountains climbing into the heart of the Apennines
STAGE 2 – PUGLIA | Conversano (Ba) – Castellaneta (Ta)
From sea to sea, through the valley of the good life
STAGE 3 – CALABRIA | CASSANO ALLO IONIO (CS) – CROTONE (KR) – 193.6 km running through ancient history in the majestic Sila forest

The Adriatic Ionian Race will land in Calabria to elect the new king who will succeed Filippo Zana in the roll of honor. The first flat kilometers after the departure from Cassano all’Ionio before entering the Sila National Park to reach San Giovanni in Fiore, the real capital of the Sila. From here it will be all downhill to head towards Cutro and aim for the final finish line in Crotone directly overlooking the Ionian Sea where the sprinters will have the opportunity to express themselves at their best.

The news for 2023

The Adriatica Ionica Race is an international cycling event born in 2018 with the idea of ​​being a real bridge between East and West, between people and cultures, to rediscover and promote the territories bordering the Adriatic and Ionian Seas.
Today it marks a new step in its history, becoming a real adventure story for the territories of the new international cycling. In fact, a great novelty for 2023 is the enhancement of the narrative project dedicated to the territories touched by the event, to tell them through the geography, culture, food and wine and the welcoming soul of these places.

The operational phase

Already in recent days an organizational meeting was held in the Municipality of Cassano all’Ionio where Moreno Argentin and his team met the mayor Giovanni Papasso and his friends to choose the point where to place the start of the stage and organize the route and tourist attractions , archaeological and food and wine to show to viewers during the race. On Tuesday, the whole organizing group of Airace 2023 will return to Calabria with two exceptional guests: the cycling champions Moreno Argentin and Silvio Martinello.