Gioia Italrugby, beat Scotland (31-29) in the Six Nations after 9 years of waiting


By John

First victory for coach Quesada's Italrugby in the 2024 Six Nations. After the defeats against England and Ireland and the draw with France, Lamaro and his teammates broke the ice at the Olympic Stadium in Rome, beating Scotland 31-29 on the fourth day of the Tournament. The Azzurri took the lead in the 1st minute with a free kick from Garbisi and then conceded tries from Fagerson (5'), Steyn (7') and Schoeman (29'), the latter being the only one not converted by Russell. For Italy, a try by Brex (14') converted by Garbisi, then the placed by the same kicker and Page-Relo which set the score of the first half at 22-16 for the British. In the second half, the Italians scored a masterpiece: a try by Lynagh (44') not converted by Garbisi, who then put the 2 additional points on Varney's mark (56') for a 12-0 score which was equivalent to overtaking (28- 22). In the 72nd minute Garbisi is still on time from the pitch (31-22). In the final, Skinner's converted Scottish try keeps the match alive until the end: the Azzurri celebrate 31-29. Italy will close their Six Nations on Saturday 16 March in Wales.