Giorgia Meloni at the conference in Switzerland: “Peace does not mean surrender. 844 days of heroic resistance by Ukraine to aggression”


By John

“Peace does not mean surrender – as President Putin seems to suggest with his latest statements. This is not the case. Confusing peace with submission would set a dangerous precedent for everyone. Today’s conference represents a courageous initiative, which dismantles certain narratives or propaganda. No one can doubt the absolute importance of the three crucial issues of global concern discussed today: nuclear safety, food safety and the human dimension, in particular the return of displaced children. They are important for all of us and I think, too based on today’s discussion, that we can build a lot from here.” This was said by the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, speaking at the peace conference in Ukraine underway in Zurich.

Meloni: “844 days of heroic resistance of Ukraine to aggression”

“844 days have passed – continued the Prime Minister – since the beginning of Russia’s aggression”, they are “844 days of heroic Ukrainian resistance and unshakable unity that has never failed to support the Ukrainian people. Defending Ukraine means defending that system of rules that holds the international community together and protects every nation.” “If Ukraine had not been able to count on our support and therefore had been forced to surrender, we would not be here today discussing the minimum conditions for negotiations. It would only be a question of discussing the invasion of a sovereign state and we can all imagine with what consequences”, explained the Prime Minister.