Goodbye aunt Santina, Castrolibero says goodbye to his oldest woman: she was 102 years old


By John

She returned to the Father’s house after 102 years Santina Pasqualina Aiello, widow Vercillo, the longest-lived woman in the Castroliberese community. Born on June 6, 1921, in a period of dramatic events, experienced first hand, knowing the ugliness and suffering, as soon as she got married, the Second World War took away her husband Enrico for almost 10 years, who was taken prisoner during the conflict, but at the end of the war he returned home safe and sound, giving continuity to the family.

Called by all “Aunt Santina”, she achieved her venerability thanks to a simple and sober lifestyle, never excessive: always clear-minded, confident and independent. She has witnessed numerous epochal events: most recently Covid 19. “Longevity is a gift from God, of which one can only show oneself worthy, as she has always done, by loving and respecting life even in difficult moments”, l ‘this is how they greeted the family.