Great Messina: blitz in Caserta with a super Emmausso. Giallorossi out of the playout zone


By John

Casertana-Messina 0-2
Markers: 21′ st and 15′ st Emmausso.
Casertana (4-3-3): Venturi 6; Calapai 5.5, Soprano 5.5 (23′ st Bacchetti 6), Sciacca 5.5, Anastasio 5.5; Toscano 5.5 (23′ st Deli 5.5), Proietti 5, Casoli 5.5; Carretta 5.5 (24′ st Taurino 5.5), Montalto 5, Curcio 5. All.: Cangelosi 5.
Messina (4-2-3-1): E. Fumagalli 6.5; Salvo 6.5, Manetta 6.5, Pacciardi 6.5, Polito 6 (26′ st Zone 6); Franco 6 (42′ st Giunta sv), Florence 6.5; Rosafio 6.5 (32′ st Ragusa 6), Zunno 6, Emmausso 7.5 (42′ st Lia sv); Luciani 6. All.: Modica 7.
Referee: Andreano di Prato 6.
Note: Booked: Montalto (C), Franco (M), Proietti (C), Salvo (M), Curcio (C). Race behind closed doors. Corners: 4-4. Recovery: st 3′, st 4′.

Very important success for Messina who won 2-0 in Caserta and left the playout zone. Splendid match from Modica’s men who also came close to scoring the third goal several times in the final part of the match. The great protagonist of the match was the playmaker Michele Emmausso, author of the two goals that gave the Giallorossi their first success of 2024. In the first half the attacker broke the deadlock in the 21st minute, taking advantage of a cross from Rosafio, while in the second half in the 14th minute he scored an encore on a counterattack started by Salvo. Overall the best performance of the season, also against a team like Casertana who have been on a positive streak for 12 rounds.

The curiosity

A report on the goalkeeper will be broadcast on Tg 1 in the 8pm edition Ermanno Fumagalli (born 1982) and his son Jacopo (born 2005) who today received his first professional call-up, on the Messina bench.