He had a fishing hook in his throat: a 5 kg turtle was saved in Strongoli Marina


By John

This afternoon Vincenza, a very sweet turtle, was found in Strongoli Marina. The specimen weighs 5kg and is 40 centimeters long, therefore very young.

It was recovered from the sea by some swimmers because it was in visible difficulty, considering that he had a fish hook stuck in his throat. Immediately after the rescue, the Port Authority and WWF Crotone intervened with its president Paolo Asteriti who declared: “The turtle had a hook in its throat and was immediately rescued and operated on by the Health Director, Giuseppe Bruno of the Sea Turtle Recovery and Rescue Center (CRTM) of Isola di Capo Rizzuto. Now she will be taken to the Center and will undergo a period of rehabilitation; but within ten days we plan to release her into the sea because she did not suffer any serious injuries.”

The Marine Turtle Recovery and Rescue service (CRTM) activated by the ‘Capo Rizzuto’ Marine Protected Area of ​​which the managing body is the Province of Crotone, sees the collaboration of the WWF Crotone which provides an assistance, care and recovery service along the coast and environmental education activities. The centre, which is located at the CEAM – Aquarium – CRTM facility in Capo Rizzuto, this time, will also welcome Vincenza who took the name of the daughter of the Health Director who operated on her. In fact, inside the CRTM there is an active ‘Aquarium’, a structure for the protection of marine flora and fauna.