He was supplying a pusher in Milan, a 32-year-old from Locri arrested in an anti-drug raid


By John

The State Police, as part of an investigation aimed at combating drug trafficking in the Milanese territory, coordinated by the Public Prosecutors of the District Anti-Mafia Directorate of Milan, has carried out a precautionary custody order in prison against two Italian citizens , already known to the police, aged 32 and 66. The investigative activity began in February 2023 when the policemen of the Milan Flying Squad, through investigative investigations on people believed to be active in the sale of narcotic substances, have arrived at the identification of a man living in the municipalities of Assago, Corsico and Buccinasco believed to be addicted to drug trafficking: he is a 66-year-old, originally from Puglia, with precedents for money laundering, kidnapping, criminal association aimed at trafficking of narcotic substances and mafia-style criminal association. From the investigation activity carried out, characterized by observation services, viewing of cameras and telephone and environmental interceptions, at least 7 episodes emerged between February and March 2023 in which the man probably made deliveries of cocaine, hiding it under the carpet of the car, between the municipalities of Bresso, Vittuone, Rozzano and Bareggio: in one of these deliveries, the Flying Squad police officers subjected the recipient of the package to a check and found him in possession of two blocks of cocaine weighing 2.2 kilos.

By monitoring all the deliveries, the agents of the Specialized Anti-Drug Unit managed to ascertain how, on at least one occasion, the Apulian criminal had in turn obtained supplies from a 32-year-old Italian originally from Locri, with precedents for association aimed at drug trafficking, and gravitating between the municipalities of Casorate Primo, Motta Visconti and neighboring municipalities. The searches carried out during the execution of the measure made it possible to find and seize over 570 kg of hashish hidden in a box in Assago, 30 grams of cocaine, 50 bullets, encrypted telephones and rubber masks on which investigations