Mimmo Lucano: “Run for mayor again? I’d like to.” And about the European elections: “I don’t know anything”


By John

«Am I re-nominated for mayor of Riace? The idea fascinates me but in any case I can only do it if there is participation, my application needs to correspond to what is wanted». She said it Mimmo Lucanomayor of the small Calabrian municipality which has become a model of hospitality and integration, on Rai Radio1, guest of the program «Un Giorno da Pecora» interviewed by Giorgio Lauro and Geppi Cucciari.

“I haven’t had any contact. I do not know anything, these are things that are reported. What if I would like it? I don’t belong to any political party but that doesn’t mean I’m neutral”, continued Lucano in response to a question about his candidacy for the European elections. When asked about his response if the Democratic Party proposed him the candidacy, the former mayor of Riace said: «This thing embarrasses me, it is something very distant and far beyond my possibilities, I don’t think I have the ability or particular means.” Do you like Elly Schlein’s party? “Except the attitude they have in supporting wars: I really don’t like that.”