From Lamezia to Verona with a life-saving flight: 38-year-old hospitalized in Catanzaro urgently transferred to Vicenza


By John

The life-saving flight involving an Air Force Falcon 900EX ended just after 3pm today. The emergency medical transport, from Lamezia Terme to Verona Villafranca, allowed a 38 year old woman reaching the San Bortolo Hospital in Vicenza.

The patient was boarded on the Air Force aircraft belonging to the 31st Wing and accompanied by her family and a medical team who took care of her assistance during the flight. The transport request from the hospital “Pugliese Ciaccio” from Catanzaro to the San Bortolo Hospital in Vicenza, as required by the emergency procedures, was received from the Prefecture of Catanzaro. Having landed in Verona, the patient continued her journey to the Vicenza hospital aboard an ambulance while the Air Force aircraft returned to the Ciampino base to resume the operational readiness service. As happens on similar occasions, the request was managed and coordinated by the Top Situation Room of the Air Force Command, the operations room of the Air Force which has among its functions also that of arranging and managing this type of missions in favor of the citizens.

Air Force crews and transport aircraft are ready day and night, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day to ensure, where requested and deemed necessary for emergency reasons, the medical transport of people in imminent danger of life, transport medical bodies or teams. Every year there are hundreds of flight hours carried out for this type of intervention by the planes of the 31st Wing of Ciampino, the 14th Wing of Pratica di Mare and the 46th Air Brigade of Pisa and by the helicopters of the 15th Wing of Cervia.