“I was about to faint”, the fever does not give Musetti any concessions: he retires after the first set at the Internazionali


By John

«I'm very sorry, I tried with all my little strength. Yesterday I canceled training because I had a fever and an intestinal virus all day which didn't allow me to arrive prepared for the match. I tried to enter the field with what I had, even the heat and conditions didn't help me. I had no energy, almost felt faint and I was very weak. It hurts because Rome is a tournament that is worth a lot, I felt very good in the previous days and there is a lot of regret about this withdrawal.” Thus Lorenzo Musetti, who has just retired from the Internazionali BNL d'Italia, explains in a press conference the reasons that forced him to stop during the match with Atmane. «Now I will try to take as much time as possible to recover as best as possible. I am confident I can make it to Turin and then Paris, where I will go a few days before”, he concludes.