Messina, Musolino and Basile: the “we loved each other so much” is already prehistory


By John

«No news from the municipal administration led by Federico Basile. A very different Administration from the previous one I was part of. In 2 years Basile and his council have not been able to find new funding, nor to present projects implemented by the current council. Basile is carrying out the little task left by the De Luca Administration, but without taking into account the reality which has profoundly changed and, above all, the needs of the citizens”. Word of Dafne Musolinosenator of the Republic, former “Deluchiana”, now exponent of Italia Viva.
«I have the impression that the famous election campaign syndrome is starting to affect not only parties but also people; associated with this is a strange form of political amnesia for these people who forget with impressive ease the evolution of the city in these 4 years. Today I heard a former councilor of mine talk about a lack of planning. I wonder, wasn't it you who applauded the results achieved when the new Pon Plus 2021-27 program was illustrated? I remember that thanks to the planning and design activity carried out in recent years, and which is continuing to be implemented, through tenders and works, it is possible to spend the sums that are destined for the Municipality of Messina, on the basis of a range of projects resulting from that strategy launched in 2018. A political and administrative continuity from which my former councilor comes who today, for opportunistic and electoral reasons, obviously criticizes its contents”. It is the replica of Federico Basilemayor of Messina.