“Il Comandante” Favino in Venice, the first social comments are not very positive


By John

The first comments on social media after the screening at the Lido of Venice of ‘Comandante’ by Edoardo De Angelis, the first film in competition at the Venice Film Festival starring Pierfrancesco Favino, are not positive.
«It seems that #Comandante, the opening film of #Venezia80, wasn’t liked very much. Heavy, slow and with unclear ideas. Come on, we already have the first one rejected for the Golden Lion”, says a user. Another writes: «#Commander Crude Italian nationalist exaltation in which De Angelis fails to find the balance between personal drama, battle sequences and forced lyricism. Not even Pierfrancesco Favino is capable of fixing it.” Yet another writes: «The opening film #Venezia80 Comandante (The Commander) is terrible. About a submarine captain from fascist Italy during World War II who saves the Belgians. The direction is terrible, there’s no point in telling this story, it’s excessively sincere, I didn’t like anything else other than the scene with the Belgian fries”, he concludes.