In Lamezia more tourists and foreigners but there is still so much to do


By John

Summer is not over yet, but at the end of August we can rightly draw the strings of a balance, the tourist-summer one, which seems to have also touched the city of Lamezia with perhaps new numbers, and with problems, however, old. If a certain common vulgar, around the city, seems for some time to be whispering about a certain increase in the presence of foreigners on holiday, to speak with good reason, as workers directly involved in the sector and, why not, with a role that may prove to be more decisive than imagined, they are also the managers of accommodation facilities, b&bs, hotels, landlords, tour operators too who have chosen to invest in our city. «Meanwhile, Lamezia is experiencing a loaded tourism especially after the Covid, given that Calabria has had an excellent leap for the various contingent reasonsi” states the first testimony which, regarding the summer still in progress and the role of the institutions in particular, has no doubts: “The Municipality of Lamezia has moved a lot regarding the events, but these have resulted a little improvised, with several organizational and logistic deficiencies, as well as in communication».
There is no doubt the increase in tourists, including foreign ones, obviously thanks to the presence of an important airport, but it would also seem difficult to produce estimates of a certain type given the not obvious “regularity” of many structures. “Out of about 120 structures that are online in Lamezia” continues the first interviewee “only 26 are registered”, a figure that would be quite alarming.