Inclusion allowance applications, here are the INPS provisions for the first payments


By John

As INPS reports, already last year December 18, 2023 it is possible to submit the application for access to the new measure ofInclusion Allowance established by decree-law 4 May 2023, n.48converted, with modifications, by law 3 July 2023, n.85 starting from January 1, 2024.

Disbursement procedure and timing

According to circular no. 105 of December 16, 2023for applications submitted by January 2024, with the Activation agreement (PAD) signed within the same month and with a positive outcome of the investigation, the provision of the benefit may be recognized starting from the month of January.

Details on first payments

  • For applications submitted by January 7, 2024with a digital activation agreement signed by the same date and with a positive outcome of the investigation, the payments will be arranged by the January 26, 2024.
  • For applications submitted after January 7 and by January 31stwith PAD signed by January 31, 2024 and positive outcome of the investigation, the payment of the relevant monthly salary for January will be arranged by February 15; from the February 27 the amount of the current month (February) will be paid; therefore, the payment, although started in February, will also include the recognition of the January month’s salary.

Subsequent payments

For applications submitted starting from February (and in subsequent months), the first payment will be made by 15th of the following month to that of signing the digital activation agreement; subsequent payments will be arranged on 27th of the relevant month.