In Cosenza smiles, gifts and surprises for the children of “IoNoi”


By John

Smiles and gifts for the fourth consecutive year to the children who are part of the “IoNoi odv” association in the Via Popilia neighborhood. Massive participation in the event and each child received their gift directly from a special Befana. President Concetta Cianni wanted the traditional event to be transformed into a neighborhood party and that every child present would receive a game or the traditional sock offered free of charge by the association.

«I have always been convinced – said Cianni – that to achieve such an ambitious goal it is essential to network and the success of the event proved me right. Many friends accepted my invitation and contributed actively both in the collection of games and in the organization and realization of the event itself.

Team Bartolomeo Martial Arts, for example, offered the opportunity to attend an outdoor training session, providing the professionalism and skills that distinguish the group. “Terra di Piero” gave us a great hand in collecting games to which various entrepreneurs and private citizens contributed with equal generosity. Thanks to the interest of councilor De Cicco and Mimmo Mazzei, president of the “My blue” association, we had the presence of the Avengers who lowered themselves from the roof of the former district, entertaining and exciting adults and children alike who enjoyed the presence but above all the availability of their favorites until the arrival of the beloved old lady. The Befana, escorted as every year by the firefighters, found the children full of uncontainable joy just as their desire to receive the toy was uncontainable. Certainly next year – says Concetta Cianni – we will take advantage of this experience to organize ourselves in a different way”.

In conclusion, thanks to Lia Calabria and Katia De Salvo, the children were able to play and have fun with another legendary old lady, Za’ Popa. Next event on the 4th. “Solidarity Carnival.