Ionian-Tyrrhenian road, the Calabrian councilor reassures: the closure does not yet have a certain date and time


By John

The regional councilor for work, John Calabreseintervenes on the merits of the closure of the 682 Jonio-Tirreno state road.

“The first closure of the SGC Ionian-Tirreno for the works in the ‘Torbido’ tunnel – recalls Calabrese – was scheduled in a first phase for the period from the end of May until (perhaps!) 31 July. Intervention then postponed thanks to a comparison with Anas who rescheduled the scheduled intervention in a different way. We are certain that in addition to completing the intervention in the Torbido tunnel, an important intervention is needed in the Limina tunnel which today does not present critical issues but could almost have them in the future as emerged from the technical study carried out by Anas and subsequent planning. To date, after a month of checks, inspections and comparisons, we can safely say that the possible closure of the SGC Ionio Tirreno tunnel does not yet have a certain date and time frame. The Region and Anas, with an interlocution that did not stop even in the month of August, are evaluating various solutions in order to reduce uncomfortable situations to a minimum”.

“With the president Roberto Occhiuto – he continues -, sensitive and attentive to the problem, we have already met Anas for the necessary insights and to highlight the serious consequences deriving from the hypothesis of a long-term closure of the only artery that connects two important and populous territories of Calabria. Also the national government with the Minister Matteo Salvini and the deputy minister Galeazzo Bignami they gave maximum willingness to identify with the Region and Anas the better solution aimed at not penalizing territories who already have other atavistic problems. At the end of the checks, governor Occhiuto will convene the appropriate and necessary discussion table with representatives of local authorities, production categories and unions. Certainly the president Occhiuto and the regional government will not leave the Locride and the Piana di Gioia Tauro alone; only after having agreed on the type of intervention and its duration will all the necessary “safeguard measures” be initiated for the territories involved. Until that moment all further initiatives risk being sterile and simple demagoguery aimed at creating only unnecessary confusion that is inappropriate at this moment”, concludes Councilor Calabrese.