Jannik! Djokovic bows in front of an amazing Sinner (3-1): he will be the final of the Australian Open. Now Medvedev


By John

Devastating. There is no other word to describe Jannik Sinner. The blue flag flies on the penultimate floor of the building called the Australian Open, and does so undermining the Serbian flag accustomed to always reaching the top. Not this time. Not against this Sinner. A tennis player now of the highest level, able to sweep away the certainties of the champion without leaving him even the slightest opening to get back on top. How many times has the world number one found himself in the position of having to recover? Many, but it has never been a problem for him. Not against Jannik. Not on the Italian night which did not at all nullify the European early rising of many fans from all over the world.

The progress of the semi-final

Jannik wins in four sets, after having rendered his opponent defenseless in the first two (6-1/6-2 for a duration of 36 and 39 minutes respectively) and having held off the proud return of the Serbian tennis player who he tried to get back into the match by winning the tie break in the third. Even in that case, perhaps the only real alarm bell for the blue, the feeling is that the South Tyrolean was in full control of the match. In the fourth set: break and success for 6-3. And now we have to sit back and wait for Sunday’s final against the Russian Medvedev.

The “monster” of the last level

There was no doubt that Jannik Sinner is becoming more and more of a phenomenon. And it’s not surprising that he beat the world number one, because it’s the third time in the last four direct clashes. What should be pleasantly surprising is the personality and simplicity with which our home champion got rid of history. Because when you systematically beat the “monster” of the last level, it means that the monster of the last level is now you.