Jessica and Antonio, from Feroleto Antico to “Affari Tui”: they win 115 thousand euros, but there were 300 thousand in the package


By John

They won just over half of what they could have, Jessica and her father Antonio, from Feroleto Antico, in the province of Catanzaro, reached the thirty-second episode of “Affari Tuoi”, the Amadeus quiz game broadcast on the flagship network of Rai.

During the evening, Jessica experienced several moments of great tension: the competitor, supported by her father, found herself in the final phase with a single blue package and four red ones, including two particularly substantial ones, worth 200,000 and 300,000 euros.

She received a tempting offer of 65,000 euros from the “Doctor”, a proposal on which she and her father thought a lot, but decided to decline the offer and continue the game with the opening of two new packages and the loss of one of the red parcels, worth 50,000 euros.

The biggest prizes remained in play. In another crucial call, Jessica lost her last blue package, but this sparked the enthusiasm of the studio audience, who believed that the remaining prizes were certainly valuable. The situation even led the presenter, Amadeus, to playfully mock the doctor by taking off his jacket.

Jessica thus found herself with three red packages, the most important of which was 300,000 euros, followed by one of 200,000 euros (a prize won by a Ligurian competitor in previous episodes) and a “parachute” of 5,000 euros. Jessica, after having rejected an initial offer of 115 thousand euros from the Doctor, was left with a package of 300 thousand euros and one of 5 thousand, accepted the offer, taking home the amount.