Lamezia, Mascaro counterattacks on illegal building: “Region inattentive”

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By John

«The Municipality of Lamezia Terme is at the forefront with concrete actions, and not instead with empty declarations or inapplicable acts, in the fight against illegal building and this with a constant action that is synergistically carried out side by side with the local Public Prosecutor’s Office» . This was stated by the mayor of Lamezia Terme, Paul Mascaroregarding the “commissariat of some Calabrian municipalities for deduced “inertia and default” with respect to the contrast to the phenomenon of unauthorized building, among which the Municipality of Lamezia Terme would also appear».

According to the mayor, «in this regard, it is enough simply to recall the resolution of the City Council n. 51 of 02/16/23 approving the demolition projects of n. 3 illegal works with expenditure foreseen for the implementation of the interventions equal to 201,849.41 euros and the subsequent management determination no. 30 of 07/04/23 of assignment of the works; of the 3 interventions, 2 have already been physically carried out and one is soon to be carried out. Facts, therefore, and not mere words. Already said concrete action, which all took place using municipal funds and certainly not with regional or state funds, represents how false, inadequate and disrespectful it is to speak of “inertia and default” in the fight against unauthorized building by the Municipality of Lamezia Terme».

Furthermore, «with specific reference to the subject of the resolution of the Regional Council, the content of which is expected to be read for further possible evaluations, it is represented that the alleged delay in the issue of demolition orders only concerns no. 5 reports each drawn up on 27/10/20 and the other 4 between 26/01/21 and 20/07/21, i.e. when the Municipality of Lamezia was temporarily governed by commissioner management; in this regard, the offices, despite the well-known lack of staff, are working hard and meritoriously and very soon even these last remaining ordinances will be issued”.

For Mascaro «the unacceptable inattention on the part of the Calabria Region which is silent about “inertia and default” a local authority it should be proud of as an example of “dissemination of the culture of legality” for the implementation of which it certainly does not need teachers or commercials or ordinances or commissioners. Therefore, it is appropriate that, in the future, the Calabria Region, rather than proceeding with the appointment of useless and costly Commissioners, directs its forces in identifying resources to be allocated to the Municipalities to carry out the demolitions and thus avoid that other bodies have to use, as unfortunately the Municipality of Lamezia Terme had to do some of its few resources available for the demolition of illegal works. So it would really spread the “culture of law”with deeds and not with words.