Lamezia, the Administration remains in the saddle but now new alliances are needed


By John

The Administration remained in office, the commissionership was avoided but the majority was not there and is not there. In the council meeting two days ago, the DUP and the budget passed with ten narrow majority votes and thanks, above all, to the absence of four opposition councillors; a strategic move to which the councilor’s abstention was added Rosy Rubino (Lamezia first of all). During the debate the minority urged the mayor several times Paolo Mascaro to dialogue with the councilors elected on its lists so as not to “lose any more pieces”.
Among those who rejected the administration’s actions was the councilor of Nuova Era Eugenio Guarascio who reiterated: «We ran because our hope was to give answers to the citizens, to the young people who are not the future but the present. We must give them tools. There is a timid courage on the part of the administration to carry out requests but the passion, the real courage, is missing.” For Rosario Piccioni (Lamezia common good) «we need to dialogue with those in opposition to build a new majority; just as clarity must be clarified among the groups supporting the mayor. Here – the minority exponent asserted – no one wants long commissionerships but serious, noble politics must be able to find answers. Therefore, if you don’t have the strength to carry on by the beginning of next year, you could think about resigning, so as to go and vote in the spring.” Lucia Citizen he ruled: «The problem is political, it’s not the cold numbers».